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Saturday Morning Class Choices

Very Advanced:

Are you are able to perform ALL steps and formations to a very high standard of accuracy WITHOUT INSTRUCTION? Can you show excellent phrasing, handing and covering?



Are you are able to perform all steps and most formations to a high standard  of accuracy? Can you show good phrasing, handing and covering? Can you sustain this level of performance throughout the entire duration of the course?


Are you new to Scottish Country Dancing?  Are you able to perform some formations but still stuggle with others? Do you feel that you are not yet ready to move on to one of the other classes?

Saturday Afternoon Class Choices

Scottish Step dancing

A chance to learn new tranditional scottish dances. Soft-soled step is  a traditional form of scottish dancing which involved more balletic movements than highland danicng.

Highland steps for Scottish Country dancing

A chance to brush up or be introduced to Highland dancing, a traditional form of scottish dancing which looks more at solo dancing with an emphasis on strength of step.


Around the World with unusual formations 


Meet your Teachers and Musicians

Jim Lindsay Scottish Dance Band

The Jim Lindsay Band is a group of top class musicians who come together under Jim’s direction with the common aim of sharing the ultimate performance. Individually they have a vast experience of playing for Scottish dancing having played with most of the legendary bands of the past. Together they are renowned for their innovative arrangements and eclectic repertoire which keeps the music fresh for today’s dancers. They are very much looking forward to playing for Spring Fling and adding to the great atmosphere of energy and enthusiasm which the event always generates.   

Ewan galloway.JPG

Ewan Galloway Scottish Dance Band

Ewan started playing the Accordion from the age of 14 ½. Now 18 years later, with a wealth of knowledge from members of the band they have taken their music to a great height. 9 CDs have been released and the band has performed at a wide variety of events from Accordion and Fiddle Clubs, Country Dancing, Ceilidhs, Old Tyme dances to festivals, including playing on BBC Countryfile where the presenters performed an Eightsome Reel. The band has travelled to the Netherlands to perform for the RSCDS international weekends and was delighted to be invited this year to play for the RSCDS Summer School at St Andrews, allowing them to meet many people from all over the world. They are really looking forward to travelling again and meeting lots more friends worldwide

Shona_MacFadyen cropped.png

Shona MacFadyen

Shona started playing violin at the age of 8 at school and later became enthralled with Scottish music when her sister started learning the accordion.

Shona has won numerous competitions all over Scotland including the National Association of Accordion and Fiddle Clubs festival, Perth accordion festival as well as in Banchory and Kirriemuir.

Shona also competed in the prestigious Glenfiddich Fiddle Championship and also the first ever Niel Gow Scottish Fiddle Awards 6 years ago.

Shona has played for country dances up and down the UK and further afield with her sister, Susan’s band for the last 16 years and has recently been playing with the Glencraig SDB whom she has played in Bahrain with since 2015 and in Shetland for the annual Up Helly Aa Fire Festival since 2017.

Susan MacFadyen

I started playing the accordion at 14 years old under the tutorship of Ian Muir (Prestwick). Over the years I have competed in various solo accordion competitions across Scotland winning titles at the All Scotland Accordion & Fiddle Championships and the National Association of Accordion & Fiddle Clubs Festival. I started playing for SCD classes over 15 years ago and have played as a class musician at numerous summer schools in St Andrews and regularly play for day schools across Scotland and beyond. I’m looking forward to playing for classes this year!


Abigail Brown

I have been dancing all of my life, and have been teaching for 8 years becoming a fully qualified RSCDS teacher 3 years ago. I have taught intermediate classes for St Andrews University and Glasgow University, and beginner classes for Dundee University and RSCDS Dundee. I have also had the pleasure of teaching at the York half day school in 2021. This year, I helped organise and teach the Junior Summer School held in St Andrews. In November 2020, I joined the Youth Services Committee. I am excited to be part of this coming year's Spring Fling in Edinburgh to celebrate young dancers across the globe. Can't wait to see you in class!

Alasdair Gray

Alasdair lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he dances with the Edinburgh Branch of the RSCDS and a variety of local clubs. Alasdair has been dancing since he was a wee lad, learning both country and highland dancing from his parents, and continuing this on at university. Alasdair qualified as an RSCDS teacher in the early 2000s and has been teaching local groups, branch classes, and international weekend schools across Europe ever since. 

Deb Lees

I teach Scottish country and step classes and workshops across the UK and continental Europe, including St Andrew’s Summer School. I am also a long-time member of Dunedin Dancers in Edinburgh and have regularly danced with them at home and abroad, including being the dance leader/choreographer when we have been invited to traditional music and dance festivals in Europe and further afield.

Teaching classes and workshops is always a great privilege and I have enjoyed some tremendous hospitality and worked with great musicians. I really appreciate the amount of work that the musician puts in to preparing for playing and I’m looking forward to some fantastic classes at Spring Fling!

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